This course, crafted for higher education students, offers a rich and insightful introduction to the world of marketing.

The journey begins with the exploration of the foundations and marketing environment, delving into core marketing concepts and both macro and micro-environmental factors that shape marketing strategies.

Students then dive deeper into consumer behavior, unraveling the mysteries of the buyer decision process and mastering the fundamental tools of marketing research to stay attuned to market trends.

The course continues with strategic marketing,  where topics like segmentation, targeting, and positioning are covered that help marketing professionals to identify and appeal to distinct market segments. Furthermore, students will learn more about product strategies, understanding product life cycles and the impact of Branding.

The course then navigates through pricing and distribution, unveiling the intricacies of pricing strategies and tactics and exploring strategic product distribution through various channels, retailing, wholesaling, and e-commerce.

Special attention is given to promotion and digital marketing, where traditional advertising converges with digital/social media marketing, SEO, and SEM.

Concluding with services marketing and ethics, students explore the nuances of services marketing and reflect on the ethical and social responsibilities inherent in marketing practices.

Appeal for Learners and Educators

This course is designed to seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring marketing professionals and educators alike.


  • Theory, questions, and solutions in a module
  • Developed by industry professionals, ensuring relevance and practical application
  • Case based learning preparing students for exams and/or professional assignments
  • Adaptive question module, offering instant feedback on thousands of questions to accelerate the learning experience
  • Customized learning journey aligned to your course’s learning objectives

Overview of Contents

Marketing Foundations and Environment

This section lays the groundwork by introducing fundamental marketing concepts and orientations, such as the marketing mix (4Ps). It delves deeply into the marketing environment, both macro-environmental factors (e.g., political, economic, sociocultural) and micro-environmental factors (e.g., competitors, customers, suppliers) that directly influence marketing strategies.

Consumer Insight and Decision Making

This segment offers a deep dive into consumer behavior and the buyer decision process. Here, students explore the psychological, sociological, and other aspects of consumer behavior, understand stages like problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, and post-purchase behavior in the decision-making process.

Strategic Marketing and Research

Focusing on marketing research and strategic planning, this section teaches students how to gather and analyze data using tools like surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Core concepts of segmentation, targeting, and positioning are emphasized, illustrating how to effectively reach distinct market segments.

Product and Branding Strategy

Students explore the product life cycle, learning strategies for each stage, from introduction to decline. The section elaborates on branding, discussing brand equity, brand positioning, and brand personality, elucidating how to create compelling brand narratives.

Pricing and Distribution

The course examines the complexities of pricing strategy, discussing various pricing models, tactics, and factors affecting pricing decisions. Distribution strategies are detailed, encompassing retailing, wholesaling, and e-commerce channels, shedding light on how products journey from producers to consumers.

Promotion and Digital Marketing

This section delves into promotion strategy and communications mix, exploring traditional advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling. The digital landscape is thoroughly examined, covering digital/social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), showcasing how digital tools can enhance promotional efforts

Services Marketing and Ethical Considerations

The course concludes by exploring services marketing, discussing concepts like service quality, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. The section also emphasizes ethical considerations and social responsibility, ensuring students are aware of ethical dilemmas and responsibilities in marketing.
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